The Vice-Rector of Odesa National University, Professor Andrii Smitiukh, delivered a lecture on the concept of ‘Good Faith’ in law. He discussed its origin, definition, and application in various legal systems worldwide.


Professor Nataliia Kondratenko from Odesa National University delivered a lecture on communicative interactions. She presented the rules and types of communication and discussed potential issues that may arise in certain situations.


Professor Olga Brusylovska from Odesa National University delivered a lecture on cross-border cooperation. She provided a definition of the term and discussed its application using the example of Ukraine’s cooperation with its neighbors.



Professor Nataliia Kriuchkova from Odesa National University delivered a lecture on statistical tools in business analytics. She presented various statistical tools, discussed how to choose the most effective one, and highlighted the benefits of using these tools in companies.

During the event, a researcher from the University of Wroclaw, author of the famous publication ‘Nomadic Europe. Poststructuralist Boundaries of European Universalism’ talked about, among other things, how people who try to cross the borders of our country and Europe are treated

Post-growth, solar punk, fully automated luxury communism and other utopias of (any) future – dr hab. Jan Sowa

The lecture addressed issues related to the past and present position and role of the political scientist, the way and direction of policy research.

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